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Environmentally Friendly

Maxol is committed to providing environmental friendly fuels across our Network. In order to meet our environmental obligations, we use a variety of supply sources for petrol, diesel and their biofuel content.

The Maxol Fuels You Can Trust is our Guarantee to you is that our fuels are Quality Assured; they will respect your engine and their supply can be traced directly to the refinery from which they originated.

We offer Premium Unleaded & Diesel, Ad-blue & Marked Gas Oil. We provide fuel to motorists 24 hours a day for your convenience. If you would like to avail of Maxol's Fuel-card Services please click here for more information.

Some of our pumps are pre-pay pumps please read below about how pre pay works and why sometimes a €1 debit appears on your account:

When you use pre-pay pumps, a €1 pre-authorisation validation sum may be applied by Card Merchant Services (not M3 Mulhuddart Services) in respect of Credit/Debit cards tendered. This is fully refunded once payment is processed. 

The pre-authorisation is not a charge and no funds have actually been debited from your account, it is just held and released automatically. This is automatically released but it can take up to 10 days, depending on your bank. 

What is pre-authorisation? 
With some credit/debit cards pre-authorisation is used to guarantee that the account is real and the card is not skimmed, stolen or canceled - this is done to protect you. In the event of any queries please contact your card provider. 

Why We Use Pre-pay. 
Due to customer demand and for speed of service, many customers prefer pre-pay at pump with a card, or pre-pay in the building. This allows our customers to re-fuel, park in the large customer car park and avail of the facilities without having to go back to move their cars. Alternatively, customers can visit the building first and use the facilities and then re-fuel without having to come back into the building again to pay. 

M3 Mulhuddart Services can be very busy at times and there are often queues. By using this method, it frees the pumps quicker and leads to a far more efficient service. Another reason for this service is that credit/ debit/ fuel cards are extremely widespread and customers have become familiar with paying by card, and the feedback has been extremely positive. 

Our mission is to stay at the forefront of industry innovation and we have invested in this technology across the site to enhance our customer service and to ease congestion, especially at busy times.

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